Before proceeding with submitting an application, make sure you have reviewed the following information:


  • Learn about ARTSIDEOUT
    Visit the Mission and Vision tabs to learn about our goals and this year’s theme, Collected Stories!
  • Review possible volunteer positions.
    There are many positions available for those interested to volunteer. An overview of volunteer positions, responsibilities, and requirements are outlined in the Volunteer Manual (see Forms page).


To apply, follow these steps: All Volunteers

  1. Fill out the Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet with your information. You will be added to the volunteer mailing list proceeding this step.
  2. Request to be added into the facebook group: ARTSIDEOUT 2017 Volunteers
  3. All volunteers are required to attend at least 1 Volunteer Orientation.
  4. Complete volunteer forms and send to
    1. Volunteer Agreement Form
    2. Photo Release Form

Keep a lookout for volunteer opportunities via email and facebook group! Sign up for events that you are available for, and make sure you take note of your hours!

  1. Complete the ASO Festival Volunteer application package and submit to with the email title labeled: “ASO2017 Festival Volunteer Application”


  1. Festival Registration Form can be completed in 2 ways:
    1. Complete the online Festival Volunteer Registration Form or…
    2. Complete the Festival Volunteer Registration Form .pdf and send to with the following title: “VOLUNTEER_APPLICATION_LASTNAME”


  1. Attend the relevant training for the positions you would like to assume on festival day. Note: those who have signed up for a position that require training must attend said training in order to volunteer in that particular position. If the volunteer fails to attend training, they will be placed in another role.

Application deadline: Friday, September 15, 2017

  1. Complete the ASO Volunteer Leader application package and submit to with the email title labeled: “ASO2017 Volunteer Leader Application”
  2. A completed application package must include the following:
    1. An updated resume. Submit with the following title: “LEADER_RESUME_LASTNAME”.
    2. A signed Volunteer Agreement & Photo Release Form.
    3. A completed Volunteer Leader application form. Submit the file with the following title: “LEADER_APPLICATION_LASTNAME”.

Invitations for interviews will be sent out on May 25, 2017. Interviews will take place on May 26-27, 2017 and applicants are asked to make themselves available on at least one of the interview days.


Applications for Volunteer Leader positions are closed.

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