Job Posting: Artistic Assistant

ARTSIDEOUT 2018 Executive Application

Position: Artistic Assistant


Job Description

The Artistic Assistant will work closely with the Artistic Director and the ARTSIDEOUT Artistic team. They will be responsible for majority of written records, and its distribution. Other tasks will involve scheduling and managing Department Meetings, and assisting the Artistic Director in overseeing team member performances. The Artistic Assistant will be responsible in planning the Art Market that occurs during the ARTSIDEOUT 2018 festival. The Artistic Assistant will also work very closely with the Executive Assistant in planning and executing monthly team socials and After Dark (post-ARTSIDEOUT celebration party).



  • Coordinate Department Meetings; this entails booking rooms for meetings, keeping record of meeting minutes and reporting content to Artistic Director for all meetings;
  • Check the attendance of team members from team meetings;
  • Prepare a critical timeline in the first months of the work contract, outlining tasks, events, and deadlines pertaining to the Artistic Assistant role;
  • Assists the Artistic Director in maintaining ARTSIDEOUT files, emails, and calendar pertaining to the Artistic team and logistics of ARTSIDEOUT programming;
    • Oversee the ARTSIDEOUT Google Drive, ensuring all files and folders are organized;
    • Perform regular checks of the ARTSIDEOUT gmail accounts, organizing incoming emails into the different departmental email accounts;
    • Oversee the ARTSIDEOUT google calendar, ensuring all deadlines and events are regularly updated;
    • Above tasks entail strong communication between different departments
  • Send out monthly update emails to the Artistic team with overarching timelines and deadlines;
  • Work closely with the Executive Assistant in planning and organizing Executive Team socials;
  • Plan and coordinate the Art Market for the ARTSIDEOUT 2018 festival; outreach and communicate to vendors and artists, organize layout of Meeting Place and other activities;
  • Plan and oversee logistics of After Dark, working closely with the Executive Assistant with assistance from the General Manager, Artistic Director, and the Marketing team;
    • Working to maintain a flow of resources needed for After Dark; tasks will include booking venues, planning the operations of the event, calculating associated fees;
  • Ensure all elements associated with After Dark fit with the theme of ARTSIDEOUT 2018;
  • Deliver a detailed final report outlining quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to your role in ARTSIDEOUT



  • Strong communication, organizational, and note-taking skills are required
  • Time-management abilities and an independent work ethic are important in the success of this role
  • Experience in event planning and/or organization is an asset, but not required
  • Must be able to work independently, as well as work with others in a team-based setting
  • Demonstrated strong interest/eagerness to work with people from various walks of life, and learn about Scarborough’s rich and diverse arts and culture scene


Working Conditions

  • Work contract: February 2018 to end of October 2018
  • February to August will consist of monthly team meetings and socials; September will consist of weekly meetings up to the day of ARTSIDEOUT; Additional meetings with other departments and General Manager
  • Expected to attend executive workshops including, but not limited to: Financial Literacy, Intro to Google Accounts, Anti-Oppression Workshops
  • Expected to attend at least 3 Outreach events throughout the year
  • Work-from-home with hours between 4-5 hours/week
  • Availability during summer months is highly important
  • Flexible availability during September to the day of the festival is mandatory


If interested in this position, please email with the subject title “ASO2018 App - Artistic Assistant - YOURLASTNAME” and the following documents attached:

ARTSIDEOUT is committed to achieving representation of equity seeking groups on its executive team by ensuring that members of said communities have unbiased access to employment. If you require an alternate way to complete this application, please notify Mauriene Tolentino, General Manager at

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