Job Posting: Cube Curator


Position: Cube Curator

Job Description

ARTSIDEOUT has showcased a large cube at one of the main entrances of the campus to signify the days leading up to the festival. Since the beginning, the cube has taken many forms to represent the changing themes and experiences of the years. The Cube Curator is responsible for envisioning, designing, and constructing of the ARTSIDEOUT 2018’s CUBE to be exhibited at the UTSC Student Centre’s front lawn approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the festival. The Cube Curator will work closely with the Artistic Director and the Executive Team to ensure the cube is representative of the 2018 theme. They will lead a team of volunteers in the safe and proper construction of the cube in the months prior to the festival.



  • Prepare a critical timeline in the early months of the work contract, outlining tasks, events, and deadlines pertaining to the Cube Curator role;
  • Connect with the Volunteer Director and Studio Director in recruitment, training, and scheduling of volunteers;
  • Deliver a statement about the artistic vision and design of the cube, as it pertains to the 2018 theme;
  • Responsible for gathering materials for the construction of the cube;
  • Lead a team of volunteers to acquire the proper tools, equipment, training, and location to construct the cube;
  • Develop and maintain the cube budget, reporting expenses to the Financial Officer;
  • Be in open communication with the Artistic Director and Executive Team to ensure the success of construction in line with the 2018 theme;
  • Attend Executive Team meetings and provide timely reports/updates to the Executive Team regarding outreach activities;
  • Deliver a detailed final report outlining quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to your role in ARTSIDEOUT



  • Strong communication and organizational skills are required
  • Strong leadership skills is critical to successfully coordinate a team of volunteers
  • Time-management skills, independent work ethic, and the ability to lead and work with a team are important in the success of this role
  • Experience in wood construction or projects of the like is essential
  • Demonstrated strong interest/eagerness to work with people from various walks of life, and learn about Scarborough’s rich and diverse arts and culture scene


Working Conditions

  • Work contract: February 2018 to end of October 2018
  • February to August will consist of monthly team meetings and socials; September will consist of weekly meetings up to the day of ARTSIDEOUT; Additional meetings with other departments and General Manager
  • Expected to attend executive workshops including, but not limited to: Financial Literacy, Intro to Google Accounts, Anti-Oppression Workshops
  • Expected to attend at least 3 Outreach events throughout the year
  • Availability during summer months is highly important
  • Flexible availability during September to the day of the festival is mandatory (most of cube construction should be completed before the final weeks approaching the festival)


If interested in this position, please email with the subject title “ASO2018 App - Cube Curator - YOURLASTNAME” and the following documents attached:

ARTSIDEOUT is committed to achieving representation of equity seeking groups on its executive team by ensuring that members of said communities have unbiased access to employment. If you require an alternate way to complete this application, please notify Mauriene Tolentino, General Manager at

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