Job Posting: Graphic Designer


Position: Graphic Designer

Job Description

The Graphic Designer will collaborate and work closely with the Branding Director to devise a strategic marketing plan and create the visual representation of the 2018 theme of Rebirth. This role also requires collaboration with the Communications Director, Social Media Coordinator, and various Artistic departments in producing print and online content for the website and social media platforms. Skills and extensive experience with Adobe Creative Suite (especially Photoshop and Illustrator) is essential and required in the success of this position. Experience with videography and photography is preferred.



  • Collaborate with the Branding Director in creating and designing all visual materials (posters, web banners, program, postcards etc.) including web, print, and other media;
  • Ensure all visual materials are consistent with ARTSIDEOUT 2018’s theme of Rebirth and the proposed vision and marketing strategy of the Branding Team;
  • Prepare a critical timeline in the first months of the work contract, outlining tasks, events, and deadlines pertaining to the Graphic Designer role;
  • Photograph the day of the ARTSIDEOUT festival and ensure that each piece in ASO is documented through either photo or video;
  • Secure high resolution vector logos of any new sponsors that contribute to ARTSIDEOUT;
  • Deliver a Save the Date video for the festival; this entails providing a storyboard, shooting, and editing for the video;
  • Attend Executive Committee meetings and provide timely reports and updates to the Executive Committee regarding promotional material;
  • Deliver a detailed final report after the event, outlining quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to the process of creating promotional material



  • Strong time-management, communication, and organizational skills are highly important
  • Strong competency and extensive experience with Adobe Creative Suite is required; experience with photography and videography is favoured
  • Must be familiar with social media applications (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) and web development platforms (i.e. Wordpress)
  • Able to work with critical deadlines, must be able to manage a number of different projects at the same time
  • Must be able to work independently, as well as work with others in a team-based setting
  • Demonstrated strong interest/eagerness to work with people from various walks of life, and learn about Scarborough’s rich and diverse arts and culture scene


Working Conditions

  • Work contract: February 2018 to end of October 2018
    February to August will consist of monthly team meetings and socials; September will consist of weekly meetings up to the day of ARTSIDEOUT; Additional meetings with other departments and General Manager
  • Expected to attend executive workshops including, but not limited to: Financial Literacy, Intro to Google Accounts, Anti-Oppression Workshops
  • Expected to attend at least 3 Outreach events throughout the year
  • Work-from-home with hours between 4-5 hours/week
  • Availability during summer months is highly important
  • Flexible availability during September to the day of the festival is mandatory 

If interested in this position, please email with the subject title “ASO2018 App - Graphic Designer - YOURLASTNAME” and the following documents attached:

ARTSIDEOUT is committed to achieving representation of equity seeking groups on its executive team by ensuring that members of said communities have unbiased access to employment. If you require an alternate way to complete this application, please notify Mauriene Tolentino, General Manager at

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