Job Posting: Volunteer Coordinator


Position: Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description

ARTSIDEOUT depends on large numbers of volunteers every year - not only are our volunteers important human resources in operating the event, they are also advocators of ARTSIDEOUT. The Volunteer Coordinator will work closely alongside the Volunteer Director, in overseeing and scheduling teach volunteer, providing the required resources, and planning workshops and activities to help them successfully perform their designated responsibilities with enthusiasm throughout ASO 2018 programming.



  • Assist the Volunteer Director and Outreach team to recruit and operate volunteers who are interested in participating in the projects/events in the months leading up to, and including the ARTSIDEOUT 2018 festival;
  • Assist in coordinating Volunteer Orientations and Volunteer Workshops/Trainings; booking rooms for such activities, preparing informative presentations
  • Frequently update volunteer database with the necessary information in e-mail list and Google excel sheets;
  • Prepare a critical timeline in the first months of the work contract, outlining tasks, events, and deadlines pertaining to the Volunteer Coordinator role;
  • Frequently reply to emails answering questions and inquiries pertaining to volunteering with ARTSIDEOUT;
  • Attend Executive Team meetings and provide timely reports/updates to the Executive Team regarding volunteer activities
  • Ensure that snacks and refreshments are provided for volunteers during events and on the day of ARTSIDEOUT 2018;
  • Ensure that volunteers have required training/resources/ARTSIDEOUT Volunteer T-shirt to perform duties responsibility and successfully;
  • Provide volunteers with signed record of hours worked if requested;
  • Prepare a volunteer thank-you speech to be delivered with the Volunteer Director at After Dark 2018;
  • Deliver a detailed final report outlining quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to your role in ARTSIDEOUT


  • Strong communication, organizational, and note-taking skills are required
  • Time-management abilities and an independent work ethic are important in the success of this role
  • Previous experience in having a ASO volunteer position is as asset, but not required
  • Experience in event planning and/or organization is an asset, but not required
  • Must be able to work independently, as well as work with others in a team-based setting
  • Demonstrated strong interest/eagerness to work with people from various walks of life, and learn about Scarborough’s rich and diverse arts and culture scene


Working Conditions

  • Work contract: February 2018 to end of October 2018
  • February to August will consist of monthly team meetings and socials; September will consist of weekly meetings up to the day of ARTSIDEOUT; Additional meetings with other departments and Artistic Director
  • Expected to attend executive workshops including, but not limited to: Financial Literacy, Intro to Google Accounts, Anti-Oppression Workshops
  • Expected to attend at least 3 Outreach events throughout the year
  • Work-from-home with hours between 4-5 hours/week
  • Availability during summer months is highly important
  • Flexible availability during September to the day of the festival is mandatory
  • Once hired, the executive member will be immediately placed in a 2-month probation period in which the General Manager is able to terminate the work contract
  • Performance reviews every month will be completed by the General Manager and Artistic Director. Should the performance of a member be consistently significantly below expectations, both the General Manager and Artistic Director are able to give the executive member 3 warnings, after which will result in a termination of contract


If interested in this position, please email with the subject title “ASO2018 App - Volunteer Coordinator - YOURLASTNAME” and the following documents attached:

  • Updated resume
  • ARTSIDEOUT 2018 Application Form
  • Optional: 1-2 references, cover letter and supplementary documents

ARTSIDEOUT is committed to achieving representation of equity seeking groups on its executive team by ensuring that members of said communities have unbiased access to employment. If you require an alternate way to complete this application, please notify Mauriene Tolentino, General Manager at

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